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Action camera

SJCAM SJ9 STRIKE action kamera

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SJ9 STRIKE Supersmooth Gyro stabilization Waterproof Body up to 10m Wireless charging Live streaming 4K 60FPS video recording Perfect for vloging 2.33 IPS touch display 1300 mAh battery
€277.00 €193.90

Audio and video equipment of different brands for different purposes.

We are accompanied by audio and video equipment at every step of our lives.

We need players, headsets and speakers to listen to popular music.

We want to save important events for later playback.

Sports cameras give us the opportunity to record leisure activities.

The enclosed waterproof case protects the sports camera from water and other weather conditions.

A action camera, your indispensable tool for monitoring your sports and other activities.

Dash cam monitor and keep track of what is happening in front of your vehicle.

A car camera or security camera, as some like to call it, is intended to record what is happening in front of your vehicle.

If you not only need video and audio but also want to know about your speed and current location, a gps car camera is the right device for you.

Both sports and dash cameras can be controlled using the app on your phone.

Wired and wireless headphones for a variety of purposes.

We can connect them to our phone and listen to your favorite music or news while on the go. Wireless Bluetooth headsets are also becoming increasingly popular. They are especially useful for listening to music during sports activities. Sports or running headphones usually have a battery compartment and a receiver built into the part worn around the neck. This kind of wireless headset design also reduces the chance of losing the headset while running. Wireless sports headphones are weather resistant.

You can find audio and video products from brands such as WayteQ, Xiaomi, SJCAM, ThiEye, Tronsmart.

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