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Navigation devices
Vehicle GPS

WayteQ x995 GPS navigation device + Sygic Truck Europe

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A navigation device designed for demanding users Are you the driver of a truck, bus, camper, van or taxi? The navigation device uses a powerful Quad-Core MediaTek processor with its own GPS module (MT6627) 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM (2GB for apps, 4GB for data storage) The unique feature of the GPS device is WiFi with a web browser and the ability to use Android...
Vehicle GPS

WayteQ x995 GPS device

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New dimension of GPS navigation device The navigation device uses a powerful Quad-Core MediaTek processor with its own GPS module (MT6627) 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM (2GB for apps, 4GB for data storage) The unique feature of the GPS device is WiFi with a web browser and the ability to use Android applications FM transmitter Bluetooth Multimedia
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Vehicle GPS

WayteQ x985BT GPS device

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GPS device with excellent luminosity and long battery autonomy The 800 MHz dual core MStar MSB2531A, Cortex-A7 processor ensures seamless performance. 256MB of RAM and 8GB of storage space expandable to 32GB with a micro SD memory card. GPS device offer a quick and accurate navigation and location using the 66 channel MStar MSR2112 GPS receiver. Bluetooth...
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Motorcycle GPS

Motorcycle GPS G5-AR

GPS navigation device for motorcycle drivers 5" TFT screen, resolution 800 x 480 pixel, 800 NIT, MTK8163 Cortex A53*4 1.3GHz, 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM, Android 6.0, Bluetooth, WIFI, 3000 mAh, iGO Primo

Are you the driver of a passenger car, engine, van, camper, bus or truck? Need a reliable navigation device that can easily guide you on your way to your destination? The navigation devices in our range reliably guide you to your destination no matter where you travel. You can find different size navigation devices for different purposes. All of them have a transparent and large touch screen. It is easy to operate, and many additional options make navigation on the go even more comfortable and easy. Above all, they allow you to go the route without special planning and preparation.

Navigation for android as an app.

Today, it is also possible to download different navigation apps on just about every smartphone. It is an emergency solution. Navigation on a smartphone that is not powerful enough is a real hassle. Because of the demanding application, the phone can start working very slowly. A dedicated application can take a long time to get started and guide you on the right path.

Another problem with using a smartphone for navigation is the battery. When navigation is used on the phone, the phone's battery is very heavy. This means it empties quickly and needs to be refilled frequently while navigating.
Excellent viewing angle and other benefits

The navigation must be adapted so as not to disturb the driver but to facilitate the route. It is very important what the screen of the device is and how well the driver can monitor the route on it. The display of the navigation device is designed to give the map good visibility even in bright sunlight. Navigation with a standalone device with a high-luminance screen is so much easier and much better in practice for car drivers, truckers, motorhomes and motorists alike. They especially appreciate devices that are specifically designed for motoring. Motorcycle navigation devices have a very robust and waterproof housing.

Smartphone usage

Android navigation, which we download on our smartphone as an app, stops working when the phone rings, which can be quite annoying. Even if the call is interrupted immediately, the latter disrupts the application and therefore the navigation is interrupted. On the other hand, navigation on a standalone device allows the phone to be free for smooth use. It is especially convenient for GPS devices to also provide hands-free wireless calling.

Standalone navigation devices are a better choice than an app

For all these reasons, it is definitely worth investing in a standalone GPS device. This is especially true if you repeatedly go the long way, take a motorhome trip, truck ride, or motorcycle trip to a place where you have never been. Standalone navigation works much better in practice than Android navigation via an app on a smartphone. Designed specifically for this purpose, navigation with a standalone device certainly has many advantages over the app and offers much greater driving comfort. Navigation will be much easier with a GPS GPS device, so it is definitely a wise purchase, especially since such devices are already very affordable today.

Fast and comfortable to the finish

Dedicated navigation devices are designed to accommodate a variety of navigation programs through wireless Wi-Fi. By selecting the program yourself, you can make sure that the navigation is completely tailored to your needs, as different programs also have different additional features. Driver and road alerts alike make navigation even more comfortable and comfortable, regardless of road conditions. State-of-the-art navigation devices provide a completely hassle-free route and make it significantly easier for you to plan your trip, vacation or trip. Above all, quality GPS navigation allows you to reach your destination as quickly as possible, regardless of the road conditions. Wayteq recommends using the Sygic navigation program.

More than just navigation

Navigation devices are also useful when you do not need them for routing, as they can be used for various other purposes. Among other things, you can listen to music or other content on your device. You browse photos, read an e-book or otherwise have fun. Navigation devices are designed as multimedia devices, whose primary purpose is, of course, to voice the driver while driving, while offering a whole host of additional features. They also allow you to play games and more and more, and above all, make navigation with them comfortable, enjoyable and reliable. Navigation devices thus represent the best companion when traveling, whether traveling by car, motorhome, truck, motorcycle or otherwise!

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