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Onyx International Inc. was established in Guangzhou in late 2008. As a young team, Onyx has an outstanding design and engineering team which is composed of excellent professionals. We are not only good at developing new products, but also producing products with high-quality and high-reliability.


Onyx, whose leading product "BOOX" has been one of the mainstream E-readers in the world, has sophisticated OEM / ODM experience and digital rights management system (DRM). Since 2009, BOOX has been sold to the United States, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Russia, Finland, Poland, Germany, France, Ukraine, Australia, Hong Kong, and many other countries. With the rapid growth of global supporters, BOOX has been well-received by the media such as China Red Star Design Award, Best Electronic Reader of Poland, and Second of the Best Reader in HiTech Magazine’s comment. What’s more, it has been named the second best reader by HiTech magazine and become the first reader certified by Adobe 9.1.


Onyx has also introduced one-stop solution to meet users’ special needs. We cooperate with those who have strong market impact and customize device hardware and online platform for them, which can achieve both retail and business mode.


Onyx works on creating our own brands, implementing global brand strategy, and creating ideal products with light and elegant design. Besides successful marketing, Onyx insists on its understated, intellectual, free and gentle nature. We dedicate ourselves to serve customers and pursue a win-win cooperation.

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  • Onyx BOOX C67ML CARTA bralnik e-knjig
    Out of stock
    Onyx BOOX C67ML CARTA e-book reader

    Eink screen, reading without eyestrain Full-screen touch, reading by a simple tapMechanical pageturn buttons, managing your Boox freelyPre-installed TTS, good help for foreign language learningLarge storage, holding thousands of booksSlim and portable, the mobile library in your pocketAndroid smart reading, extending your reading world

    124,00 €

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