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Here at Tronsmart everyone works hard to fulfill the idea which our Brand name represents: “Creating the world’s most intelligent electronic lifestyle”.

With the passion and precision our singular focus here at Tronsmart, our Tech Geek team (designers) can spend months of research to better understand a new product. The process is repeated over and over again until the product is perfectly refined. By putting themselves in the customer`s shoes each and every component of a product is discussed, down to the tiniest detail, until the team believes it is complete.

We are also a team that truly cares about our customer. In Tronsmart Smart + Center, our top-level members can apply to regularly receive samples for testing and reviewing, with those real comments directly helping us to design a better product.


We stay motivated to push ourselves beyond our limits in every aspect. In every phase of our company we work to accomplish our goal of, “Creating the world’s most intelligent electronic lifestyle”. We are not doing this for fame, we do this for the passion inside all of us and because we care for your experience.

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