This software update can be used only with the xTAB-100is device (don't use it with other devices). Update can be done for the customer's own risk. Improperly done update can harm your device and may make it unusable. We can't take responsibility for the harms and damages if the update hasn't been done properly. Repair of a device caused by an improperly done update is not under warranty. 


Applying this software update will cause the erasure of installed applications, settings, documents, photos, etc.. Please create a backup of your important data before the update procedure. The software update contains the following changes:

  • Fixed: screen rotation problems
  • Fixed: calendar application can't synchronize
  • Fixed: the WayteQ Tablet Magazine application isn't available after factory reset
  • Added: video player application
  • Added: contact manager application
  • Some other minor changes

Throughout the update procedure, don't turn off the device, don't disconnect the charger and don't disconnect the USB cable. The update procedure will be finished after you see the user interface of the Android operating system.

To apply the update, please follow the required steps below:

  1. Download and extract the xtab_100is_v2_fw_and_tool.zip file. You will see two folders: "fw__v2" and "fw_tool". The fw__v2 folder contains the firmware image, the fw_tool folder contains the firmware updater application and the required driver.
  2. Connect the AC charger to the Tablet PC.
  3. Installing the driver:
    Turn off the Tablet PC. Press and hold down the Volume –button. While holding down the button, connect the device to your PC with the USB cable. (Use the "USB" connection, not the "OTG". The driver can't be installed using the OTG connection.). If the driver isn't already installed, the window of the driver wizard will pop up.
    1. Choose the "Browse my computer for driver software" menu item.
    2. Select "Include subfolders" and then the "Browse" button to select the folder containing the driver (rockusb.sys) file. (Example: “Download location”fw-toolDriver – Select the folder of your computer's architecture).
    3. The PC will install the driver. After the successful installation, click on the Finish button.
  4. Using the firmware updater application:
    After you've downloaded and extracted the .zip file, start the fw_tool/RKBatchTool.exe application.
  5. The firmware update process:
    1. Turn off the device. Press and hold down the "Volume -" button and then connect the device to the PC with the USB cable.
    2. You will see a number with a green square background at the "Connected Devices" part in the firmware updater application.
    3. Browse for the downloaded firmware image (fw__v2/WAYTEQ4.23update.img).
    4. Start the firmware update procedure with clicking on the Upgrade button.
    5. This update will take some minutes. Meanwhile don't use the Tablet PC or your computer.
    6. After a successful update, you will see the "**********Upgrade Done Success<1> Fail<0>**********" message.
    7. After that, you can close the firmware updater application. The Tablet PC will reboot automatically and you will see the user interface of the Android operating system.


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