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Xiaomi Mi LED RGB smart bulb

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Standard E27 RGB Smart Lamp - Custom Lighting
16 million colors
Adjustable color temperature and luminosity
WiFi connection, remote control
Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are compatible

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16 million colors - countless options

RGB lighting and a 4000K bulb make the Mi Smart LED light find the right color for every mood. Blue light helps to relax, pink is perfect for romantic evenings. The right lighting for any occasion.


Designed for usability

Due to its shape and carefully selected materials, the Mi Smart Smart Bulb is primarily a practical bulb. The simple exterior of the sample gives the bulb a solid appearance while providing excellent thermal conductivity. The housing of the light part of the lamp is strong and highly translucent, and the aluminum and plastic construction can withstand even more heat, thus ensuring the long life of the lamp.


Adjustable luminance

Each room can be illuminated with a maximum luminance of 800 lumens per lamp.

You can adjust the brightness between 80 and 800 lumens.


Adjustable color temperature for additional personalization

Set the color temperature between 1700 and 6500K. The lower color temperature is quite warm, suitable for rest and relaxation. Higher values ​​produce cool light that inspires and brings life to every user.


Sunrise mode gives you peace of mind

The early hour of the gold watch. We LED lamp can bring sunrise into the room, helping you to wake up. You can also set a sunset that will bring a unique atmosphere to your bed each night.


Voice control

The smart lamp supports voice control via digital helpers. You no longer have to get out of bed with the lights off. Simply turn on, off, or adjust the lamp's brightness, color, and color temperature via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


Easy to operate with a smartphone.

We LED bulb can connect to your WiFi network. Easily control your smartphone anytime, anywhere. In the office, you can check if you turned off the lamp when you left home.


Keep your lighting unique

Tell your voice assistant that you want to set the lights or use the app on your mobile phone until you find the setting you like. The lighting modes are preset for many different situations so you can easily find the perfect mood light at the touch of a button. Whether you're having fun or just wanting to relax, the Mi LED Smart Bulb will help create the right atmosphere.


Low power consumption, long life span

With high energy efficiency, the lamp consumes only 10 watts at a maximum brightness of 800 lumens and has a lifetime of approx. 25,000 hours This means that the lamp will function for more than 22 years when used for up to 3 hours a day.


Easy installation
Turn on the bulb, open the Mi Home app, find your device and confirm the connection.

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