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A small drone with a built-in camera
Range up to 50 meters, height up to 25 meters
Charging time 60 minutes, flight time about 10 minutes
Smartphone management, WiFi connection, HD video download
It weighs only 88g, easy to carry and play

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What does the end of your aerial dream look like?

Feel the freedom to fly and make your surroundings a great flying ground

Better yet, you can do great things with it and even fight other Xiaomi mini drone users.

Xiaomi Mi Drone Mini offers you this experience!


Landing and take off with one touch.

Reach 50 m

Flight height 25 m


Small body, great technology

4 core processor, 5 sensors.
The 1.2G SOC master control chip provides fast processing of sentor data by ultrasound, manometer and optical flow sensor.
With its self-locking shock absorber and precision hover, it can reach a certain height and point, fly constantly and provide total control.
A 920 mAh battery provides a flight time of up to 10 minutes.


Great flight and many features

The flight is tall, stable and cool.

The Mi Drone Mini boasts not only outstanding flight performance, but also a variety of management modes and functions.

It provides an out-of-imagination experience with you in the spotlight.


Headless mode

Headless mode fixes the flight of the drone with the nose forward, and this direction remains unchanged, even when colliding with an obstacle, making it easier to control.


Gravity sensor mode

Turn on gravity detection to control the motion of the drone by tilting the smartphone.


Flying with your palms

In addition to the usual static takeoff, the drone can be sent straight from the palm of your hand.

A small throw and drone rises into the air.


Four-way loop

With this feature, you can lower the drone in all four directions - forward, backward, right or left - with the push of a button


Awesome air combat experience

Super infrared battle mode lets you play with others.

You can fight exciting battles with multiple Xiaomi Mi Drone Mini at a time.

With strong aerial combat and striking combat effects, players can earn honorary badges

In infrared battle mode, when the Mi Drone Mini is hit in the front or rear, life points are reduced accordingly.

When they run out, the drone can no longer attack. You can choose to rejoin the battle or surrender the fight.


Remote control, HD Wi-Fi video transmission
Capture the beautiful moments

The Xiaomi Mi Drone Mini features 5.8 GHz high bandwidth, high bandwidth, low latency, and high opacity.

You can also transmit video in HD quality with a remote control of up to 50 m.

The 720p camera offers a new perspective on selfie and 4GB of memory for flexible recording.


Small, can be the body of an aircraft

Portable and convenient to play

The spacing of the axles is only 11 cm and its net weight is only 88 g.

The Xiaomi Mi Drone Mini is easy to carry with its compact and lightweight body.


Simple appearance, durable construction

Thanks to the exceptional mechanical and mechanical construction, all parts of the drone are closely connected.

In addition to the unique integrated frame design, the strength and light weight of the body were also considered.

The body is made of a special composite material of low density and high elasticity, which makes it more durable and safer.

High elastic composite materials are added to the propellers, making them less brittle and more durable.


The simple appearance and unique design make the Mi Drone Mini an unforgettable experience.

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